21 и 22 января состоится онлайн вебинар посвященный теме: «Протонная терапия в области ЦНС и педиатрии»

«CNS / Pediatrics Proton Therapy Course»

Join the MD Anderson Proton Therapy faculty for highly focused training on treatment and planning for CNS / Pediatrics Proton Therapy.

We don’t want anyone to miss this training webinar so we are offering two time zone options. The first is happening January 21 at 5pm (Central Standard Time), and the second is the next morning on January 22 at 9am (CST). You choose the time the date and time that is best for you.

The goal of the course directors is for the attendees to achieve the following:

  1. Incorporate the skills learned through interactive virtual sessions to better prepare for proton therapy treatments, thus improving patient outcomes.
  2. Apply the knowledge of treatment planning and clinical operations to perform proton therapy in respective centers/locations.
  3. Gain a greater appreciation and perspective of the steps and personnel needed to perform quality proton therapy.

Time Zone Options:
January 21 |

January 22 | 9am