22 января заканчивается приём аннотаций на девятую ежегодную национальную конференцию, посвященную протонной терапии


NAPT will bring together the community in a virtual format that builds on the success of our 2020 virtual education opportunities with the addition of new opportunities and features.  This year we continue our mission to educate and increase awareness about the clinical benefits of proton therapy, ensure patient's choice and access, and to encourage cooperative research and innovation. We are committed to move the proton industry forward and look forward to the opportunity to engage with all of you. Our community has united through the opportunities these challenging times have presented and our continued goal is to connect the brightest minds and visionaries in the field to advance the future of proton therapy — a future shaped by our collaboration to initiate, illuminate, and innovate together.

The conference will take place on a virtual platform on April 15 and 16, 2021 (Virtual Venue).

Call for Abstracts: https://naptconference2021.com/call-for-abstracts

Submissions are due by January 22nd, 2021.